Strategic Inspection Management

  • onsdag 13.februar kl. 09:00
  • Sluttidspunkt: 14.feb. kl. 16:00
  • Sted: Clarion Hotel Air, Stavanger, Norway
  • Arrangør: Norsk Forening for Vedlikehold
  • Varighet: 2 dager

  • Pris: 9900,- kr
  • Medlemspris: 8800,- kr
  • Språk: Norsk
  • Info / påmelding

This conference is focusing on ispection as an important and strategic element in maintaining an acceptable safety level and to secure reliable and economical production
This year conferance will focus on:

  • Digitalization
  • Corrosion Under Isulation (CUI)
  • Flexible pipes

Effective and right inspection requires knowledge about methodology and equipment in addition to implementation of effective working processes. Training and competence in all levels of the organization are the two main elements to secure quality in planning, execution and evaluation of findings from an inspection.

The objectives for the seminar are:

  • Be a forum for exchange of experience and knowledge 
  • Show the importance of inspection as a integrated part of the total operation and maintenance activities
  • Update to the industry about new  standards,methods and equipment introduced into the marked

Strategic Inspection Management is the preferred meeting place to establish and maintain an industrial network for further develop and improve all inspection related activities in the industry.

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